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Two museums,close to one another in space, and yet very distant as regards the concept of home, allow us to understand the difference between the traditional residence of a Venetian noble family, the Querini Stampalia, with its original furnishing dating back from the eighteenth century and its paintings, and the living space of a member of the Catholic hierarchy, Giovanni Grimani, Patriarch of Aquileia. He modelled his house on the ancient Roman style, had it decorated by Mannerist artists he called from Romeruled by the Pope, and also creating the most precious collection of antiquities to be found in Venice in the late 1500. This same collection is the core of the Archaeological Museum.
Another very interesting mansion is Ca'Mocenigo at San Stae, whre the family lived until fifty years ago. It now houses the Museum of Clothing, with gorgeous dresses dating from the 1700s, and the Museum of Perfume, which was at the heart of a flourishing trade for hundreds of years in Venice.




We require the reservation of headsets, for all groups, thus enabling all members of the party to follow the tour without any difficulty.


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